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About us

KRWN is much more than just a chain of barbershops. Firstly, it was founded by Max Le Barbier in Montreal, 2014. After discovering his passion for the world of barbering in Miami, the founder has followed through with his vision of bringing that culture back to the people in his hometown. 

Respecting the traditions, keeping a professional and accessible standard of service, staying sharp and on top of the game when it comes to skills, techniques and trends is very challenging and we owe our success to the strong family values that we have.

Not only do we train everyone in-house but we train them from scratch. We believe in equality of rights and we are very proud to have helped a number of people find their purpose and build a career, no matter who they are and no matter their background. 

After hiring and training 50+ barbers, we decided to build an education program that would help other professionals to grow and better their skills. After 3 years of bringing the community of barbers together, we finally launched a line of products that was designed by our barbers and formulated for men. 

We are all very committed to making men look and feel better, whether it is through our services, our products, or our involvement in the professional industry, KRWN makes sure that you stay sharp.



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