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March 27, 2020 2 min read 4 Comments


Approximate Time:20 to 40 minutes.

Number of people:Ideally 2.

Difficulty Level: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪


In order to be of help to you at home, we’ve decided to establish a few base rules for men who want to cut their own hair! 

1 -Use a clipper, instead of scissors!

We strongly suggest using a clipper instead of scissors. The reason is simple: It’s a lot less work, and your result will be much more clean and even. Most pharmacies are still open and sell kits that are complete and affordable. We recommend the brand “WAHL” because their guidelines on length are the same that we use.

2 -Don’t go too short!

Don’t be too adventurous! Clearly we are all missing our “skin fades”, but we suggest not trying this at home. We recommend instead to go with guide #2 (6 millimetres) the shortest. This is the length where we start to see the scalp. The standard guidelines around length for professionals go from 1 to 8. These numbers represent the numerators of a fraction of an inch. Meaning: Guide #1 = ⅛ of an inch (3mm), Guide #8 = 8/8 of an inch (1 inch so 25mm). 

3 -Leave the top of your head as is! 

If possible, unless you want to change your hairstyle completely, don’t cut the hair on the top of your head. Technically, with the guidelines of 1 to 8, you can maintain your hair cut for some time while in isolation at home. The trick is to only cut the sides of your head, up to the crown. What and where is the crown located? It’s the area between the sides and top, the part where the form of your skull starts and curves towards the top.

4 -Ask for help!

If possible, ask for help from your girlfriend, a friend, or your room mate - especially for the back of your head. The result will definitely be better if someone else does it for you. To clean up your neck, it is important to respect your natural hair line. In other words,if you push the line too high, it will grow back and be noticeable, so respect the hair line when cutting around the ears and neck. The idea is tocut a straight line from behind the ears to the back of the neck, to follow the natural hair line. Do it symmetrically for both sides. Then, if you wish, you can join the two lines with a horizontal line at the bottom of the neck.  

5 -Share your result!

Attention, though it may appear easy, know that it’s a major task. Without the skills of your barber, it’s possible that the result may be questionable. It’s for this reason that we ask for you to share your photos/videos so that we can all laugh, instead of cry! But have no fear! As soon as the situation improves, KRWN will be there to clean you up! 


Take your time, and go one step at a time! Send us a message on instagram before starting if you have a question! - @KRWN.CO


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