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Matte Clay


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Result: Strong hold | Matte finish

Format: 120 G | 4 OZ

Fragrance: Northern Cedarwood

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Your attitude and actions reflect a natural boldness and that is echoed in everything you do. As part of the KRWN Earth Collection, the Matte Clay is made from real clay and is free from all parabens, sulphates and gluten.

Containing a refreshingly subtle cedarwood aroma it is ideal for maximum hold styling suitable for any type of hair. Locally made in Montreal, this matte paste is perfect for keeping you feeling fresh, while assisting you to maintain that chic, natural look with plenty of textures.

Made In Canada

Gluten Free

Paraben Free

No animal testing


How to use it

Apply desired amount to hands and rub together until malleable, then apply to hair and style accordingly with fingers. Best used with KRWN Tonic Spray.

Tips from the barber

To achieve the perfect natural look, begin by applying the KRWN Tonic Spray to damp hair. Blow dry your hair for your desired style then apply a small scoop of Matte Clay. Rub in evenly throughout your hair, from roots to tip and use fingers until the wanted look is achieved.

Keys Ingredients
  • Clay
  • Fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Philippe Choquette
Better than the competition

I tried two products like this one but all of them had compromise: one gave my hair an oily look with a scent that was too strong, and the other just couldn't manage to hold my hair in place.

Meanwhile, this clay from KRWN offers little to no compromise. Great hold, natural look, with a light and pleasant scent. The only annoyance is how water-resistant the product is, so you can't simply rinse off your hands under water after application, but I guess it is also what allows for the product to provide a long-term hold in your hair.

Paul Bilyea

Matte Clay


The greatest hair product i ever used

Arash Yazdani
Great product!

Great product especially for textured crop looks. Holds well and easy to work with, creates lots of texture.

Yannick Paiva vidaurre

What other ingredients does it have? Petroleum?

Keys Ingredients
  • Clay
  • Fragrance